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Hidden Strength was built with the vision that there is uninhibited power and strength within everyone: you just have to find it. We created a space where people from all walks of life can come in and work out in an environment of like minded people. Whether you just started lifting, are a D1 athlete or a competitive powerlifter, our facility will provide a comfortable training space for you. Along with our clean aesthetic, welcoming environment, and top-notch equipment — our community is unrivaled and like no other.

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Why Hidden Strength?


At Hidden Strength, we are committed to providing an uplifting environment and a sense of community that allow you to be your best self every time you walk in. We offer not only a facility to support your fitness goals, but spaces where you can connect with passionate, likeminded individuals.

Exclusive Access

We are a private training facility that offers our members 24/7 gym access,amenities, and special events.

Competition-Grade Equipment

Our facility is a USPA and USAPL certified gym. We offer competition grade combination racks and bars, a Theragun cart, and many more amenities that fit into your fitness plan.


My experience at Hidden Strength has been nothing short of amazing. I came from lifting in my garage then commercial gyms as the pandemic eased up, but I found a home at Hidden. The facility and equipment is top-notch for powerlifting and any other type of training. What stands out the most to me though, is the amazing community and family I have found. The members are kind and supportive and I've certainly grown so much more in my powerlifting journey due to this environment. 11/10 recommend.

David Palomares
Pasadena, CA

Being in Hidden Strength Gym is like being at home after a long, stressful day. The best thing about this place is the atmosphere, something you can never get in any commercial gym. You can either focus on your workout all by yourself, chat with the friendliest people you can meet, just get excited watching someone deadlift a PR, or have the gym gym get excited for you to hit your PR. The gym is also the perfect place the get somewhere in powerlifting. Several coaches and athletes there provide the numbers and credit to give the USAPL banners on the walls their weight. The kinds of people and memories is something you will never forget and will cherish forever

Bryan Jabines
Azusa, CA

I’ve come from different gyms and even though the purpose is to murder your workout the vibes weren’t the best. I’ve recently checked out Hidden Strength in the ending of December of 2021 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I love how this gym is surrounded with positive people that always bring great vibes. I’ve made a couple of good friends here and they’re always here to give me tips on how to better my lift and most importantly boost my confidence! Adam is very caring towards his gym members and checks up with them on how their workout is going. That demonstrates how he demonstrates sympathy towards his members and makes sure they’re comfortable in his gym environment. This gym is a 10/10!

Odalys de la Cruz
Maywood, CA

I’ve been a member since January 2020 and I can firmly say that Hidden Strength is an outstanding gym! The facility is always clean and has all the essentials needed to get stronger. The members are outgoing, friendly, and easily approachable! Happy to be a member here.

Jorence Gelvezon
West Covina, CA

Hidden Strength is massive compared to most PL gyms I’ve been to and it never feels cramped. I’ve also met some of the coolest and strongest dogs I know through this gym. If you wanna be great you gotta come to hidden.

Eaton Simpliciano
Glendora, CA

Let me start off by saying I will never be back at a regular gym after training at this facility. The energy is amazing, equipment is top tier and the community you have in this gym is welcoming since the start. Hidden Strength gym is hands down one of the best gyms in the SGV.

Luis Verduzco
Fontana, CA
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